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Sports and Children

  • As per the article 31 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child -Sport and play are a child‟s right
  • UNICEF also recognizes the critical role of sport and physical play in children‟s lives. UNICEF believes that sport can be an effective programmatic tool to help achieve goals in health, education, gender equality, HIV/AIDS, child protection and child development

Why Promote Sport?

  • An effective tool to help improve the lives of children, families and communities
  • Essential for child‟s physical, mental, psychological and social development
  • Boosts children‟s health, improve academic performance and help reduce crime
  • Fun way to learn values and lessons that will last a life time
  • Promotes friendship and fair play

Benefits of Sport

  • Teaches team work, discipline, respect and the coping skills necessary to ensure that children develop into caring individuals
  • Helps prepare young people to meet the challenges they will face and to take leadership roles within their communities

Foundation Beyond Business

  • understanding the urgency to engage youth from the „weaker section‟ of the society, SPTSportshas committed itself to contribute in its humble way, towards development of young individuals through sports
  • To provide opportunities to underprivileged children to indulge in sport
  • To discover and foster the untapped talent from rural and under-privileged sections of society

Founders of Grow Sports firmly believe that

  • Sport is essential for the growth and well being of a child
  • raw talent is available in abundance in rural India and in underprivileged sections of society and if tapped on time, can make India a sporting nation

Currently over 500 children are benefited through various initiatives of Grow Sports

  • Soccer-a-child
  • Soccer Gurukul
  • School Adoption

On Going Initiatives


  • involves engaging children from villages near Bangalore to indulge in sports thru soccer
  • Free footballs are distributed to allchildren (below 15) in villages
  • It encourages children to engage in productive activities
  • Generates interest in soccer and provides an opportunity to identify talented children

School Adoption

  • Have adopted the “Kodathi” village municipal school with around 125 children
  • Apart from providing sports related support, Grow Sports works towards total improvement of the school
  • Grow Sports has provided following to the school:
    -Sports infrastructure
    -Study material and uniforms
    -Plan to provide benches

Going Forward

  • Grow Sports Foundation would like to make sports a medium to impact the health, development and wellbeing of underprivileged children
  • Apart from providing sports equipments and coaching, Grow Sports will like to provide Rewards and scholarship, Nutrition and Safe drinking water
  • Grow Sport would like to extend Village School Adoption program to impact many more schools

Friends of Grow Sports

  • Charu Sharma –TV Presenter and Commentator
  • Ashwini Nachappa –Ex Olympian (Athlete)
  • ReethAbraham –Ex Olympian (Athlete)
  • Sandeep Somesh–International Hockey Player
  • Anand Mandapaka –International Hockey Player

How You Can Add Value?

  • By Volunteering your time:
    –As Sports Facilitator
    –To be the part of weekend tuition program
    –To plan and manage sports events organized for school children
  • By making a financial contribution, that will be used for :
    –Sports equipments
    –Sports kits
    –Clean drinking water
Through these initiatives, we wish to make an impact in the quality of the lives of the future of young India in the neighbourhood and make “Better Human Beings”.

For more details, contact: Amit Saran or call on 91 98450 43210 / Tele: +91 80 4147 5441/ 42
* Donations are tax exempt under section 80G (Regn. #: DIT(E)BLR/80G/177/AABTG4565F/ITO(E)-1/VOL 2010-11)

Head Office

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Academy Address

SPT Sports Academy
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